New Image of the Massacre, Wilkes Barre Times, 11 September 1897

Wilkes Barres Times 9_11_1897

Recently we posted a collection of images of the massacre. We missed this one, which comes from the cover of the Wilkes Barre Times, 11 September 1897. It is an interesting one in that it shows one dwarf-like striker with a club, a second one being shot holding a club aloft and a deputy on the ground, his hand still holding a rifle on the ground at his side. The orientation of the parties in the event is the opposite of what it should be: the breaker, seen in the background of the image, was actually behind the backs of the deputies, the strikers marching in from the west.

Many of these images were drawn by artists based upon the first accounts they heard of the events. Quite interesting to see them all together.

About LM Project
The LMP is a collaborative endeavor which aims to recognize the events surrounding the Lattimer Massacre, an incident that changed the labor movement and impacted the world by bringing to light economic disparities and ethnic tensions in the anthracite region of PA.

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