Blair Mountain

Battle of Blair Mountain

The Friends of Blair Mountain help protect and commemorate the site of the 1921 Coal Field Wars Battle of Blair Mountain, West Virginia. The sites was places on the National Register of Historic Places in 2009, only to have its historical status revoked in January 2010! Check out their work to keep the site listed, and see what you can do!

You can also find more by downloading information about the de-listing here and about the campaign to have the site re-listed, below:

Blair Mountain Campaign Plan

Blair Mountain Information

5 Responses to Blair Mountain

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  3. Mary Cronk Farrell says:

    Hello, Can you tell me the source of this Blair Mountain photo? Do you know if there is a higher resolution copy available? thank you.

  4. LM Project says:

    There is a slightly better version available here:

    as well as some other amazing pics!

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